Vintage Denim & T-shirt Collection


Vintage Denim & t-shirts

proactively sourced fashion for the modern human

Dust Factory is featuring a collection of the essential items you need for your vintage collection. Why not stock your shelves with classic denim shorts, t-shirts and jackets worn into the perfect style and fit.

For a Limited Time Only:

  • Vintage T-shirts (Rock, Harley, Sport) $9
  • Levi Denim Shorts $16
  • Denim Jacket Mix $15

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Vintage items are subject to availability. Most orders ship within one week, harder to source items can take longer. Contact us above if you would like to find out more about how to open an account to place an order. If you already have an account you can also email your rep to place an order.

Photo Creds: Ashton Bingham – Dan Gold – Bruno Nasciment – Bart Jaillet – Seth Doyle

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