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Spring Cleaning – Denim Jackets + T-shirts + Levi Shorts Spring Cleaning – Denim Jackets + T-shirts + Levi Shorts

Dust Factory is featuring a collection of the essential items you need for your Spring 2019 vintage collection. From Denim to T-shirts, Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale has everything that you need to keep your store stocked, your customers happy and your coffers full. For a Limited Time Only: Wind Breakers $16 Harley Davidson T-shirts $10 Lee, Levi... [Read More]

Vintage Clothing Store Staples Vintage Clothing Store Staples

Why your shop is defined by its staples. The different products that you purchase regularly and out of necessity are considered “staple goods” to your vintage store. In the past, these items have fewer markdowns but solid profit margins. While price trends may raise or lower demand for other products, the demand for staple goods rarely... [Read More]

Sale on Vintage 90’s Dresses Sale on Vintage 90’s Dresses

100 Pounds of 1990’s Vintage Dress Mix @$5.50lb STRAIGHT OUT OF REALITY BITES.  The 1990’s vintage dress mix is a must have for the 90s revival look that’s taking off. A feminine mix of floral prints, velvet, sequin, party dresses and more. The mix also includes the popular sunflower style, that can be styled as grungy as you want. Short... [Read More]

See What You Are Getting First – Vintage Boxes See What You Are Getting First – Vintage Boxes

Dust Factory Vintage Clothing Boxes The Dust Factory Boxes are set up for boutique buyers who need specific looks. Each box is made up of a variety of pieces that reflect a specific style with a range of categories and sizes. The first of it’s kind, each boxes contents are view able before purchase. See what you are getting Pair items and increase... [Read More]

Vintage Cowboy Boots Vintage Cowboy Boots

Nothing beats the comfort and look of a pair of good vintage western boots. Someone already did all of the hard work of wearing them in, giving them the perfect look and feel. Another great thing about vintage boots is their construction, they were built to last. Not like boots today that will barely last a season, vintage boots were built to last... [Read More]

Vintage Clothing by the POUND Vintage Clothing by the POUND

If you have an established market and can move a range of product then purchasing vintage clothing by the pound may be the perfect option. The Dust Factory Bales are broken down into itemized mixes for bulk purchases.  50 LB bale …… $350 ($7 lb)  100 LB bale …… $600 ($6 lb)  500 LB bale …… $2000 ($4 lb) REQUIREMENTS:... [Read More]


When it comes to collecting vintage clothing from the United States the Japanese buyers have been paving the path for nearly 30 years. Since the eighties Japanese vintage collectors have been traveling across the United States hitting up thrift stores, vintage stores, clothing flea markets and just about anywhere they could find old vintage jeans,... [Read More]

Black Leather Jackets, Motorcycles and Rock & Roll Black Leather Jackets, Motorcycles and Rock & Roll

Black leather jackets have left their distinct mark in American culture becasue of what they have come to represent. They have become a form of recognition into a lifestyle that generally opposes the common rule and thread. Like specific colors in a wardrobe would reveal gang members and their loyalty in the streets of LA during the 1980’s, black... [Read More]

Go Green this Halloween – 2018 DIY Costume Ideas Go Green this Halloween – 2018 DIY Costume Ideas

Sustainable Halloween Costumes That You Can Make Yourself GO GREEN: If you are planning on going green this Halloween you couldn’t of picked a better year. Both Brick and Mortar and On-line retailers across the globe carry some of the key vintage pieces that you need to complete your look. This year the Classics are coming back in High Demand.... [Read More]

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner. If you are a vintage shop owner this is most likely going to be your busiest month of the year. If the month of October is not the busiest time of year in your store, then you are missing out. Don’t get in the mind-set that your unique collection is fashion forward. It might be to select few designers and... [Read More]

Specials on American Summer Vintage Collections Specials on American Summer Vintage Collections

  Dust Factory Classic American Summer Collections Dust Factory is featuring a classic American western and iconic cultural collection just in time for summer. Vintage Flannels, leather and denim are the staples to this 100% authentic vintage collection. [Read More] Share this:FacebookTwitterPinterestEmail Read More →

Rockmount : About the Label Rockmount : About the Label

ROCKMOUNT RANCH WEAR Rockmount Ranch Wear is a true staple to vintage western wear collections from the past. Each piece in the Rockmount collection has the craftsmanship to surpass time. “The West is not a place, it is a state of mind.” Jack Weil Jack Weil started Rockmount Ranch Wear in Denver, Colorado back in 1946. Over the years the... [Read More]

You never even called me by my name You never even called me by my name

From the 1910s – 1930s we saw the Wild West American lifestyle move largely from a way of life, to ever-increasing faded memories and folklore. The western world was getting smaller. Technology and transportation were ushering in a new era of industrialized cities and advanced accessibility. The real denim-rockin’ cowboy lifestyle of days past... [Read More]

Denim This, Denim That. Denim This, Denim That.

It’s that time again! We have a one-of-a-kind collection of denim jackets, cut-off shorts, overalls,  jeans and more. This collection focuses on the idea of comfort and age to produce the most timeless identity known to any denim line. Vintage Levi Jeans Classic Levi 501, 505 & 517 collection available from men and women…. read... [Read More]

Adidas : About the Label Adidas : About the Label

    Adidas was founded in 1947 by Adi Dassler in Germany. Adi Dassler started making shoes in the 1920’s but did not start Adidas until 1947. In 1948 they came up with the name Adidas – as a shortened version of Dessler’s name. The next year the company registered the three stripes as their trademark logo. Adidas started to produce... [Read More]

The History of Vintage Denim Cutoff Shorts The History of Vintage Denim Cutoff Shorts

Whether they are distressed, baggy, stonewashed or tight, everybody loves their cutoff denim shorts. Pair  them with a tank-top and sneakers and it is a easy way to look cute and sexy for just about any casual occasion. Denim Shorts Through History Denim shorts became popular in the late 1960’s when fashion, style  and art all began to take... [Read More]


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