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jean jacket wholesale

The Dust Factory vintage wholesale clothing denim jacket collection is one of a kind. The vintage jean jacket has always been a fashion luminary. Denim continues to attract a multitude of consumers from actors, to rockers, from hipsters to western wearers and from greasers to regular folks on the street. From its strong presence in the Italian military to its identity changing debut in 1950′s cinema, the Jean Jacket embodies the attitudes most people want to project; athlete, hipster, motorcycle rider, outdoorsman, rock star or the casual everyman.

With brands like Lee, Levi and Wrangler offered this line allows a perfect fit, style and wash for every individual from the past and present.

Vintage Jean Jackets

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  1. Konan Gisélé Avatar
    Konan Gisélé

    I hope this mail meets you well, however I am mailing in request to place an order which I want to know if it is

    possible for you to ship orders to the Ivory-Coast. If shipment is possible to Ivory-Coast, kindly get back to me

    and then I will send you a list of Items needed to be shipped including Delivery address. Also you will be

    referred to a shipper who handles my shipment, and once I receive the quote for the order and the shipment then I

    will commence on the payment. Kindly get back to me if this is acceptable .

    Best regards

    Ornelia FASHION STORE.
    Konan Giséle ornelia
    16 BP 1010

  2. Astrid Avatar

    Hey guys

    So I have a jewellery business and now would like to expand into fashion slowly, more as a hobby (for now, fingers crossed it kicks off) I want to set up a business selling denim shorts for girls, all vintage. I am based in Henley-On-Thames with my jewellery work shops in London, Brighton and Brimmingham. What drew me to you guys is your website and words, I lived in south California for 2 years studying at the G.I.A and have a love for water, surf, boarding and swimming.

    can you help me find denim vintage shorts?…

    looking forward to hearing from you


    0044 7985467170 (area code included if you wanna chat)

  3. Vintage Denim Jean Jackets | Vintage Clothing Wholesale Dust Factory Fashion & Recycling

    […] the influence of denim on our culture. It is hard to talk about denim without talking about the denim jacket. The denim jacket has been a wardrobe staple for workers since the early 1900′s when the […]

  4. Talayeh Motameni Avatar
    Talayeh Motameni

    I would like to order a wholesale order of vintage denim jackets for a business venture. I was wondering what is the cost of purchasing 50 units to start out with.
    Also what is the cost per unit?

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