Used Cardboard Boxes


We found this interesting on Did you know that 80 percent of all residential moves take place during the summer? For an earth-friendly (and low-cost alternative) to moving your home goods in slick, new cardboard boxes, try ordering from new company, Used Cardboard Boxes. Providing high quality, previously-used boxes, the website (with locations in Los Angeles and New York) guarantees the lowest prices, delivers boxes in one to two business days and doesn’t charge for shipping.

Just think of how many trees you’ll be saving – $120 billion of boxes are produced each year around the world, typically used once and tossed out, according to Used Cardboard Boxes.

With Co-op America’s seal of approval, check out
for more info.

You can also visit U-Haul’s Box Exchange to see if anyone in your area has boxes to give away or sell @

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