Upcycled Onsies


So let’s talk about baby clothes for a second. Babies get to wear their little outfits a few times and then they grow out of them within weeks. If you are lucky, you may get a photo of them in their said outfit, so you can remember it for years to come. It is a waste not to think recycled, when it come to babies cloths. Head product designer of vintage upcycled fashion line Particle Clothing, and soon to be a first time mother Lyndsey Coburn decided to launch a side project designing onsies for her soon to be infant son. She uses vintage t-shirts and cuts them down to a baby onsie pattern she designed.

Each piece is one a kind and simply awesome. Mothers nesting is cool phenomena in and of itself, mothers upcycling the babies fathers old shirts for their infant son to wear is epic!
She has a few for sale at her online store, but is more excited about taking custom orders for upcoming mothers. If you have a baby coming or know someone that is, contact LNDZ.



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