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We love it when we see designers and artists out there using recycled or up-cycled materials as mediums for their creations. With that being said, Ting London knows how to use belts! Artists and designers are powerful forces towards innovative and sustainable concepts and founder Inghua Ting has created a ballin’ set of products with this in mind.

This small London outfit uses sustainable practices and reclaimed materials (much of which is belts of all sorts, from leather to seatbelt) to create personal effects and even modular flooring. Ting is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and works to fashion luxurious products from less than luxurious raw materials. Don’t be fooled though, the end products are gorgeous.

Flooring from recycled materials can add so much character, save money, and still be extremely durable. This mosaic flooring we featured awhile back shows the uniqueness piecing together odds and ends can create. Likewise, in the pictures of Ting”s belt floor you can see the detail in the belts’ various relief decoration and the punched holes.

Vintage Leather Belts

The vintage belts are personally selected and carefully arranged to style these unique, high quality accessories so that no two bags are the same. These striking and robust deluxe accessories are lined with bright vintage fabrics, tie silks and corduroys and have belt buckle fastenings.

The modular flooring uses recycled leather waist belts that are completely unique. At around 75$ a sq foot the end results is breathtaking. The belts are cut and arranged onto a leather backing and glued with a water based adhesive. The deep rich tones have the appeal of fine wood and a character that is unbeatable.


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