The Truth About Unproductive Employees.


If you are a manager or a business owner you can not afford to have negative non performing employees on your payroll. Often times unproductive people search out smaller companies because of their lack of direct management. As an owner you should always be ready to recognize both positive and negative behaviors in an employees performance. Large companies like 3M discovered that when they laid off the bottom 10 percent (the weakest performers) of employees, their productivity increased by 18 percent. It didn’t take them long that learn that negative employees not only produce less but also cost quite a bit more.

Negative employees destroy moral and turn off customers with their negativity. They don’t have a lot of drive and don’t take allot of initiative. So how do employees with good positive attitudes behave? Here are four characteristics you should look for in yourself and your team.

1. Positive Employees Understand That Work is Good For their Soul. Most people know that it is good for a company. They understand that it good for the customer and they may even know that it is good for the country. But only positive people know that it is good for the soul. Something corrosive happens to the souls of people who stop caring about the quality of their work and begin to go through motions.

2.Positive Employees Decide to Enjoy Their Work No Matter What. No Job will ever be perfect, and there will always be room for improvement. In spite of that, a positive employee decides that they are going to like their work. It’s a decision they make, not a feeling they have when everything is going well. If employees think that their job stinks, they need to try unemployment for a while.

3. Positive Employees See The Good In Every Situation. Like everyone else
they see the wrong in every situation, but positive employees don’t get stuck on that point. Positive people keep themselves going by seeing the good in every situation and focus on how to make it better. By contrast negative employees focus on minor annoyance and let it ruin everything.

4. Positive Employees Do More than Is Expected. Positive people are never satisfied with getting by doing the bare minimum. They wouldn’t feel good about themselves if they did. Positive employees find out what is expected and do what they can to exceed those expectations. Whether it is dazzling a customer with better service than they have ever experienced before or surprising a coworker by offering extra help, positive employees focus on how they can do more, not less.

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