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That old

Most people in the United States can tell the difference between a classic 1957 Chevrolet Bellaire sedan, and a 1974 ford citation. Sure they are both used cars over 25 years old. However you don’t need to be a collector to tell that the differences in these two vehicles go way beyond the original factory listings. One is a classic vehicle, much like a vintage wine, it gains value as time goes by, while the other is not much more than it’s name, a citation. Some pieces from the past gain value and respect as time ticks by, while others take up space. Retailers know this, and for this reason second hand shops have opened in the United States giving the consumer the opportunity to purchase anything from classic vehicles to antique furniture, eclectic jewelry to vintage clothing. Because of the style and quality of selected older pieces, some feel that the best pieces today came from the past. The apparel industry is no different. Fashion designers are continuously taking designs and cuts from the past, redoing them today and calling them vintage or retro inspired.

Different from the automobile industry, which has drastic changes and economic improvements from the 1957 Chevrolet Bellaire sedan, to the 2000 Camero; a pair of 1957 501 Levi jeans looks identical to a 2000 501 Levi jeans. The only difference being one is a classic with years of wear and tear that add to the comfort and durability of the jean, while the other is bran new awaiting the years that will one day separate it making it unique from that of it’s new counterpart. For this reason retailers have filled the gap for the consumer and vintage clothing stores can now be found in nearly every major city in the US. From the old streets of San Francisco to the over populated streets of Manhattan, every city now has a plethora of its vintage shops. These are not to be mistaken as thrift stores, such as good will or Salvation Army. Vintage Clothing Stores instead carry pieces that are classic and desired for whatever reason it may be, and offer it to the consumer along with a section of similar pieces from the same period.



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