Sourcing American Recycled Clothing


Over the years Dust Factory has bean the leading supplier of American recycled clothing, aka Vintage.

We cater to designers seeking inspiration, vintage boutiques and stores, remake companies, department stores in need of larger quantities, online sellers and exporters. Many of our accounts use our knowledge of the vintage industry to their advantage. By using us as a bulk supplier, they can better idea of what’s selling around the world, and how to price, merchandise and better push their vintage finds. It’s the combination of great clothes and knowledge that make store successful.

Dust Factory is unique in that we have the ability and knowledge to prepare orders for you. Family owned and operated we are an environmentally conscious fashion forward experienced and tested used clothing wholesaler with no appointments necessary come on by and check us out !

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  1. zaid Avatar

    hey i was wondering if u did wholesale on team crewknecks or vintage mickey mouse crewknecks or other cartoons and maybe even wholesale on vintage snapbacks thanks and let me noe

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