Shop Notes: Top 5 Sizzling Summer Vintage Items


Don’t miss a single sale sitting around wondering what to buy when it’s right under your nose.

With the Sex in the City movie just released, girls are dying to get that Sara Jessica Parker look down to the last stroke of mascara, that you apply subtly enough as if not to show. The knee length wrap skirt is the perfect look for girls with a full figure at work or out for a prowl on the town. If your the Gidget type, strutting your stuff on the beach this summer, then why not try a one piece instead of those over priced mix matched two pieces. You still can’t get enough of those cut off denim mini’s skirts or short cut daisy duke’s. Long boho dresses are all the rage this summer, as well as the strapless tunic style. Let’s get real GIRLS, nobody want’s to see your lawnchair branded buttcheeks after sitting in some furniture at a swanky little patio lunch joint all afternoon. Be tasteful
and Don’t wear the skirts too short.

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