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Dust Factory Vintage Clothing Boxes

The Dust Factory Boxes are set up for boutique buyers who need specific looks. Each box is made up of a variety of pieces that reflect a specific style with a range of categories and sizes. The first of it’s kind, each boxes contents are view able before purchase.

  • See what you are getting
  • Pair items and increase upsells
  • Order ships that day!


REQUIREMENTS: Boxes are sold as is. No exchanges or replacements.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Brick & Mortar Location/s, established clientele, price points and marketing schedules.

We’ve Got Your Covered

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Dust Factory 12 Packs

Perfect for small-midsize buyer. Broke down by category, styles and size runs. 12 pieces sold in a pack with 3sm 3md 3lg 3xl.

vintage wholesale box


Dust Factory Boxes

Great for mid-size buyer. Broke down by pieces that reflect a specific look. Contents are viewable before purchase.

vintage by the pound


Dust Factory Bales

Great option for bulk buyers. Sold by the pound and is made up of a variety of pieces that reflect a specific category.

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