Rip the Ripper Art Show


Vintage Skate board Art Show by Mike Giles January 22-24 San Diego

Both curated by and featuring the visual artist and photographer Desiree Astorga, the upcoming “Rip the Ripper” art show at this year’s All Sports Retailer trade expo is a celebration honoring the iconic Powell and Perelta “Ripper” logo, which has been an icon in the lives of skateboarders and artists alike for more than 30 years. As a result of its vintage, “The Ripper” logo has unofficially been ripped-off on many an occasion, often in compromising positions. Now, an official selection of over 50 artists have been invited to “Rip the Ripper,” this time legitimately. Amongst those slated to rip are names like Shepard Fairey, Don Pendleton and Wes Humpston (contributions pictured below, respectively). The show also features a work by VCJ (Vernon Courtland Johnson) the man who penned the original “Ripper” logo himself (pictured above).

The show premiers at the ASR from 22 to 24 January 2009 in San Diego. But for those of you who aren’t industry insiders, the pieces will be available for purchase at a fixed price on Ebay linkable directly from the Skateone website 26 January at 12:00pm eastern time. If you miss the show and sale, a book will also be available on Skateone shortly after the event.

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