Recycled Solar-Power Bag


Here is product that uses both re-usable bags and solar-power. We found a post on on Alternative Consumer and though that it was so cool that we would post it also. This solar beach bag from Reware Solarsistem let’s you plug-in and charge small electronic devices while transporting all your essential suntan products and snacks to the beach or lakeside.

Some features:

  • charges a wide variety of small electronic from cell phones to mp3 players
  • heavy duty cotton webbing handles
  • large roomy inside pocket
  • gadget pocket for holding your phone or camera
  • natural cotton “duck canvas” frame
  • removable interior bottom support
  • rugged Cordura® nylon cover for a water-resistant bottom
  • each Juice Bag comes with a universal CLA/Car charger female socket

The Reware SolarSistem allows you to remove your solar panel for use separately from the bag, or to allow you to clean your tote.

So be the envy of all your greenish friends and techno geeks with the ultimate in re-usable bag utility.

on sale now for $199.99 @ the

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