Recycled Clothing Art


Vintage Clothing Art
We are big fans of re-purposing old clothing. Not only can you turn old clothing into new re-usable garments, but these guys show us that you can turn them into interesting pieces of art as well. The duo Guerra de la Paz , consisting of Alain Guerra and Neraldo La Paz , managed intelligently gamble on recycling old clothes to create works of art . A real freshness and undeniable talent emerging from these compositions . We found this information and photos over at and were very excited to see it.

Vintage Recycled Clothing Art

Recycling Vintage Clothing Art

Art From Recycled Clothing

Vintage and Recycled Clothing Art

These images are a few of our favorites, but head on over to to see the entire collection.

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  1. Mike Jenkins Avatar
    Mike Jenkins

    really cool stuff. I would like to see this in person

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