Fashion Backwards


Vintage Clothing From the Past

If we had the opportunity to go back twenty years there is a good chance that we could predict what the kids, or want to be hipster  would be wearing today. Over the past ten years vintage stores have been on the rise. However each store is unique catering to the taste of the buyers for each vintage shop. As Vintage Clothing Wholesalers we have been in the industry for the past 12 years inventing ways to supply clothing to these retro clothing buyers worldwide.  We have watched the trends come and go, watched the buyers come and go, watched new countries get into vintage clothing, and other countries get out of it. Over and over again we have come to the simple the conclusion that Fashion is Backwards.

There is nothing new under the sun. I guess that Pablo Picasso was right when he said “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” If this statement is true, which I have come to believe that it is, and we were to relate it to the fashion industry then we might come to the conclusion that today’s fashion designers are only good at what they do. However the vintage clothing buyers are great.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers pretend that they are original artists with original ideas, when 95% of their designs are rehashed ideas from the past. Some of them give props to the original designers from twenty years back, but for the most past even the contemporary designers have no idea where the idea originated.

Vintage Clothing Buyers

The vintage clothing buyers on the other hand respect fashion for what it is, they respect the original designers and for their ingenuity and craftsmanship. Often turning a blind eye to contemporary designers and their cheaply made knock-offs. I guess that it would be safe to say that instead of copying their ideas, they just steal them. Not claiming them as their own design, but acting more like an art dealer, not letting the old classic pieces go by the wayside and end up in some land fill.

For the past twelve years we have learned to give respect to the dealers in the vintage clothing industry trade, not so much the fashion designers. Sure there are a handful of great designers out there, but our admiration goes to the dealers making it happen. For this reason Fashion is Backwards.

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