Brazilian Eco Longboard


The Dry Leaf (Folha Seca) from Brazilian based Lets EVO is a clean way to travel and is made from some unique and sustainable materials developed by Fibra Sustainable Design. They start off with the Papunha veneer which is produced from the waste material of the sustainable palmheart industry. The use of this byproduct to construct a new sort of plywood extends the life cycle of the palm plant and provides income for small farmers who depend on this vegetation. The Dry Leaf is a stunningly elegant and creative endeavor from its inside out.
Natural fibers procured from fair trade and native to Brazil, such as jute, malva, and curaua, are used as a natural fiberglass along with recycled polypropylene. The use of these natural fibers benefits small farmers and produces no polluting waste material. The core of the Dry Leaf is Mosso Organic Bamboo which is grown sustainably in Brazil and treated with non-toxic vegetable based adhesives.
The Dry Leaf was submitted to Volvo’s EcoDesign competition and was a finalist for the 2008 competition earlier this year.

Info & Images Courtesy of Inhabitat & Green Upgrader

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