h.i.s. Menswear Bold Vintage Advertising


Vintage Advertising
In the 1960’s and 70’s one brand left their mark in vintage advertising by introducing a bold new advertising style using a bold font and statement. This controversial and fashion-forward style of advertising changed the way companies would brand their products.

From menswear to designer women’s handbags h.i.s. advertising campaigns paved the road with their Bold approach to what we would call today, Vintage Advertising.

Back in 1923 in New York the company was founded as “Honesdale Manufacturing Co.” by Henry I. Siegel from Lublin, Poland. In 1956, as an homage to his father, Jesse Siegel established the H.I.S brand, whose logo is composed of Henry I. Siegel’s initials set in Franklin Gothic, one of the most popular typefaces of the era.


60's menswear

vintage advertisment from the 60's

vintage advertisements

60's vintage advertisment


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