A Look at Vintage Halloween Costumes


vintage halloween costumes
Halloween is just around the corner. If you are a vintage shop owner this is most likely going to be your busiest month of the year. If it is not, then you are missing out. Don’t get in the mind-set that your unique collection is fashion forward. It might be to select few designers and hipsters, but to the rest of the population your store sales old clothes, like costumes.

With a few simple adjustments to your in-store marketing, or how you present your product, you just might be able to sell through all those old polyester pants and heavy poly-fabric dresses.  In an attempt to leave you with a little inspiration, take a look at the different vintage Halloween costumes from the past.

vintage halloween

Old halloween costumes vintage halloween

Vintage costumes

Vintage Costume

retro costume

old costume ideas

halloween picture

halloween costumes

vintage musters

vintage munsters

retro costume

vintage musnters

munsters halloween

vintage halloween

vintage pictures

old costumes

retro costumes

vintage costumes

vintage halloween

If you own any of these photos please contact us we can take them down at your request or we can give you proper credit for your work.

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