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wholesale eighties jackets#308 Vintage 80’s Jackets

Break-dance- New Wave- Prep- Members Only, are we feeling the 80’s yet? Besides blending colors and cuts, the folks of the 80’s had a real knack for layering, hence the must have Vintage 80’s Jacket. This collection stems from the idea of outwear as part of the entire ensemble and encompasses the then evolving trend of zippers, high necks, shoulder straps and cuffs. Available in cotton, poly blends and nylon, this jacket completes any outfit and many times serves as the focal element. Cross eras and mix with any other style, this jacket will maintain its 80’s originality and simple comfort.


Item # 309
Fabric: nylon/cotton/vinyl/poly
Eras: 70’s – 80’s

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Please Note that the photo is only a sample of the type of items we use for our Mix. Generally our packs come with a size run of 4 small 4 medium 4 large. Each pack is original and one of a kind, no two packs are alike. For more information on how we put together our 12 packs please FOLLOW US

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