8 Effective Stain Removals


Vintage Clothes can have a multitude of stains as a result of their journey over the years, this does not mean that the garments are no longer good, it just means that is time to buck down and be smarter than the stains.

8 stain removalsThe following are tried and proven techniques to getting some of those common 8 pesky stains out of that one of kind garment.

  • Acrylic Paint:

    Remove acrylic paint from clothes with pine cleaner. Soak, scrub, repeat. Takes
    some time, but it works. You can also try hairspray. Test a small spot on the
    item and then spray on hairspray and use your fingernail to remove the paint.
    Occasionally you have to wash twice.

  • Berries:

    Blot the stain and dip it in cold water. Rub the spot with a cut lemon, rinse,
    and air dry. Use prewash stain remover and then launder with warm water.

  • Blood:

    An easy and quick way to remove blood is to spray the area with Windex and rub
    a little. Then just throw it in the wash. You may also use saline solution for
    contact lenses to remove blood stains. Put paper towel under the fabric and squirt
    solution onto it. Blot to remove any left over. It draws the blood into the solution
    and doesn’t harm the fabric like hydrogen peroxide may.

  • Chocolate:

    Blot or scrape off the excess chocolate, then flush with club soda. For a tough
    stain: Sponge with liquid hand soap and ammonia; launder as usual. Or you could
    try to soak the stained article in milk.

  • Grease:

    Mix Dawn Dish Soap and a little Simple Green into the wash, and launder as usual.
    Or try Cheese Wiz smeared generously on a grease stain, takes it right out in
    the laundry.

  • Ink:

    First, put a paper towel or a rag under the stained area to absorb the excess
    ink. Spray on a non-oily, alcohol based hair spray. Saturate the ink stain with
    the hairspray. Blot with a rag and repeat until the stain is gone. Apply prewash
    stain remover and launder as usual. Or you can try milk! Yes, put the piece of
    cloth into a cup with milk and you’ll see it vanishing… then wash or dry clean
    as usual.

  • Lipstick:

    Get it out by rubbing the stain with a generous amount of petroleum jelly, then wash
    as usual.Or you could try a non-oily, alcohol based hair spray.

  • Ring Around the Collar:

    Wet the collar with warm water, sprinkle liberally with cream of tartar and rub in well. Launder as
    usual. or you can soak the collar with an oven cleaner, this works good as well.

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