Vintage Fashion


Top Five Vintage Trends to look out for this Season

Vintage Suit Vests 

Vests have been back in style for a couple of seasons. Now everyone from the fashion chic urban girl, to the sassy sorority princes is wearing stylish vintage suit vests.

Spring Dresses  

Tunic style or strappy style, any flowy cotton dress will do.

Mini Dress or Mini Skirts 

It’s going to get hot this summer and now that showing off as much leg as possible is in, it is only going to get hotter. Sassy cotton mini dresses and skirts will be a big look this summer.

80’s Fashion Boots  

Vintage heels, and 80’s fashion boots will fit any occasion this spring. Dressing up dresses to shorts.

Silk Scarves  

Its nice to have something sexy and pretty to hold that hair out of your face. Now that it is far from cool for girls to wear oversized tacky trucker caps or ball caps in general, it is nice to have something more elegant that will work

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