Three Pieces of Trash


Happy Earth Day Everyone! Now get out their and start picking up some trash. No Seriously, if everyone picks up at least three pieces of trash on every one of their transits today, just think what difference that could make. You start out by picking up three pieces on the way to you car, then once you get to your morning coffee shop, you pick up three more. On your way into your office, three more, on your way to your car for lunch, three more and so on and so on all the way until you return home at the end of the day. Which of coarse you can pick up three more. It is simple, it is not asking too much and yes it will make a difference. If anything it will open the eyes of those who participate on how each person can make a individual difference. Think about how clean your beach would be if everyone picked up three pieces of trash on their way out and three more on their way in. Let’s Do it!!

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