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In 1959, the Chosen Few MC officially formed out in LA on the cusp of the chaotic ’60s

As they tell it —“The 60s was a hell of a time. With the Civil Rights Movement, The Viet Nam War, Flower Power & Free Love. Sex, Drugs, and  Rock & Roll. Also the Crazy World of the Outlaw Bikers…When you talk of the Outlaw Bikers you automatically think of ‘Them Crazy White Boys’ doing what a lot of folk wish they could do. Live Life Like You Want & Fuck You And Your Rules. Well Guess What? There was some crazy Black bikers who felt the same way, and didn’t give a Fuck. Thus was born the Black Outlaw Bikers!”

TAKE NONE ♢ GIVE NONE (teaser) from Nicholas Monsour on Vimeo.

Take None Give None  is a new documentary that is set to be released in the near future telling the story behind the Chosen Few MC. These guys definitely have a bond that is deeper than skin deep incorporating a  brotherhood and love of riding.

The documentary Take None Give None evolved from a long-term relationship between the photographer Gusmano Cesaretti and the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club. In 2010, he teamed up with photographer Kurt Mangum, and a team of talented professional cinematographers to capture in light, motion and sound what it feels like to ride with the oldest integrated outlaw motorcycle club in the United States.

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During the two years of filming, the club experienced many changes — from the mounting tensions and differences between the founding members and the younger generation, to the raiding and seizure of their historic South Central clubhouse by the LAPD. There have been many poorly-researched and superficial news stories about the club in recent years, but this film hopes to offer a ground level, unfiltered and unbiased look at what it means to be one of the Chosen Few.

Photos and Copy Courtesy of our friends at theselvedgeyard

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