Rose Bowl Weekend


rose_bowl_flea_marketIf you don’t know what Rose bowl weekend means and you sell vintage clothing for a living, then you better pay attention. Each Month on the second Sunday of the month hundreds of vintage dealers gather together in a crowded parking lot next to the Rose Bowl to unload their freshest vintage finds for the month. Everyone from the migrant family bringing clothing up south of the border, to the antique denim collector from El Paso gather in the foothills of Pasadena to take part in this event.

At the Rose Bowl you will see dealers just selling vintage rock tee’s, some selling vintage leather goods, and another one selling retro frocks from the 50’s.


RBFleaIf you have never been the best way to describe is it to picture the parking lot at your local university packed with vintage clothing. It is hands down the largest collection of vintage clothing in one given place at one given time, and it happens every month. Buyers from all around the world know about the famous Rose bowl and come to stock their stores with sleek vintage finds.



vintageThe Rose Bowl Flea Market opens to the Public at 7 am, but all the real deals are done before the sun even rises. If you plan on coming out for the event then it is good to have a little local knowledge. Most serious buyers purchase tickets to be vendors. This way they can shop while the vendors are putting out their latest finds. It also gives the buyers an opportunity to view the goods before the public shows up for their afternoon Sunday Stroll.


It has been said that the everything that happens in the vintage clothing industry starts and ends at the Rose Bowl.


bootsPrices in the industry go up and down depending on the demand of the buyers at this gathering. Not only does it predict what happens in the vintage industry, but it also has an effect on the fashion industry as a whole. Many designers use the Rose Bowl to source the goods that they will knock off for next season. They may not want to admit it, but you will find designers from Urban Outfitters to Calvin Klein Jeans strolling through mounds of clothing for their inspiration.



japanese-buyerThe Japanese buyers at the Rose Bowl bring have their own unique style for sourcing vintage clothing. Many of them can be found digging through cars at 3am with flashlights mounted to their forehead long before vendors have the opportunity to get their product out. They don’t always buy allot, but they do have a well tuned eye for what they are looking for. They are often purchasing vintage that will take a minimum of five years before little hipster thrift finders in the UK or States will dare wear it in public. This in part keeps the industry thriving, forecasting each year as to what will soon be considered vintage.


jean-shorts If you are a hand picker, or have limited market as to what you can sell than the Rose Bowl is the place for you to start. You will get an opportunity to learn how the industry works and meet allot of other buyers just like you from all around the world. Hey you just might even find those impossible to locate 1984 Van Halen Rock tee or Fry boots from the sixties that you are looking for.

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