Refuse to Buy Uzbekistan Cotton


White Gold – The True Cost of Cotton

Love your new shirt – know how the cotton was grown?

Over two thirds of the world’s cotton – used in the clothes we all wear – is grown in developing countries and the former Soviet Union.

Valued at US$35 billion a year, global cotton production should be improving lives but this “white gold” all too often brings misery to millions.

Forced child labour, heavy pesticide use and environmental degradation are all rife in cotton production, but most people are still in the dark about the full story behind the clothes we wear and how they are produced.

Unless you have made a positive choice and are wearing certified organic or fairly traded cotton, you won’t know it from the label.

The Environmental Justice Foundation is leading an international campaign to end human rights and environmental abuses in cotton production, and to promote organic and fairly traded cotton.

Read the reports, watch the award-winning short film and then TAKE ACTION so you can Pick Your Cotton Carefully.

Watch "White Gold – The True Cost of Cotton"

EJF Campaigns:

* to raise public awareness of the conditions under which cotton is produced

* to press retailers to ensure they only sell “clean cotton”

* for an EU regulation on forced child labour, and for cotton products
to show the country of origin of the cotton on the label


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