Recycle A Cell Phone Save a Gorilla


Every year millions of new cell phones are purchased, did you ever wonder what happens to the old ones? Some get recycled, some get reused, some are left in a drawer, many get tossed. We just found out on the Sietch that now you can get rid of that old cell phone and make some money for a good cause at the same time.

ECO-CELL is a cell phone recycling program for environmentally minded fundraisers. They partner with environmental organizations to create profitable, easy to use and environmentally sound cell phone recycling fundraiser programs.

The nice thing about ECO-CELL is that they take all cell phones. Even ones that do not work, they have strict no landfill policy, meaning that they recycle everything even if it cuts into their bottom line.

Any organization can start a cell phone recycling program with ECO-CELL, here is how it works. You collect the phones, ECO-CELL picks up the phones for free, they pay you up to 15 dollars a phone (minimum $0.45). Its a pretty sweet way to make some cash for your organization.

The Gorilla fund, and the San Diego Zoo, among others have teamed up with the company to raise money.

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