This is definitely one of the weirder attempts we’ve seen to make environmentalism more “sexy” to mainstream consumers, but you gotta hand it to the Japanese for creativity. Anyways, we found this article by Tylene Levesque on Inhabitat.

In an effort to raise awareness to the estimated 30 billion plastic shopping bags used by Japanese consumers (30% of which are thrown out without ever being reused), designers at Triumph International Japan have found a way to convert a bra into a shopping bag. Triumph, the same company that created the Eco-globe Bra (2004) and microwavable Warm Biz Bra (2005), has unveiled their newest eco-themed bra, the “No! Shopping Bag Bra” (No! reji-bukuro bra in Japanese). Available to Japanese shoppers, the bra, which comes in red, blue, yellow and pink, is also made of polyester fibers recycled from plastic bottles using the company’s EcoCircle recylcing system.

The bra is transformed into a ready-to-use shopping bag with only a few steps. One simply removes the shopping bag hidden into the padding of the bra, ties the lacey cups and shoulder straps around the bag for decoration and presto—you have a bag! Definitely innovative, but is it practical? We’ll just have to wait and see.

For more information, watch the video

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