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Over the years Dust Factory developed a style that is synonymous with vintage wear and tear. The creative style captures the elegance and authenticity from the original wear on an item. The “used look” to the trained eye is a classic look, separating the item from its counterparts.

Some things just look better with Age

When it comes to particular fabrics or materials, some items just look better with age. Take denim and leather for example, years of wear and tear give these items an authentic look and comfortable fit. Contemporary designers are always trying to find new ways to make their denim jeans or jackets look like they are worn in. They add different washes, wholes, tears and  stretch marks in an attempt to make to items look “vintage”.

vintage wear and Tear

True, this can’t be said for all vintage items. Especially when you consider delicate dresses and fabrics from the 1950’s and 60’s. What is acceptable, even desired vintage wear & tear for one item, would destroy another.  Generally when someone uses the term “wear & tear” they are referring to items that are built to last. What better way to describe iconic brands like LEVI and Schott Bro’s. Their denim jeans and leather products only seam to get better as time passes.

top-sidersvintage vans shoes leather
Sometimes it comes down to preference. Like leather shoes or vintage sneakers. Some loafers look great when the leather is worn down and scuffed up, kind of like an old pair of sneakers. Other dress shoes and kicks do not look so good when the leather or colors start to fade. The choice is ultimately left up to the collector

vintage denimvintage lighter

military wear

wear and tear

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