Build Your Own Dress…Like Legos


The people over at Ecoterre asked the question, “How cool would it be to be able to construct and reconstruct your clothing everyday according to your mood just like legos?” Refinity’s Fragmentedclothing lets you do just that with their colorful and customizable snap-on pieces that let you decide how long, short, wide or thin your outfit should be “ no sewing necessary! Besides being totally cool, the concept is definitely one that is taking center stage in the eco-fashion realm because it reduces textile waste and allows people to easily remodel their clothes instead of throwing them away.

Designers Fioen van Balgooi and Berber Soepboer created their Fragmented Textiles collection as an experiment in applying cradle-to-cradle
to clothing production, use, and disposal. Made from Cradle to Cradle-certified wool felt in a range of vibrant colors, the FragmentedTextiles are based on jigsaw-puzzle-like zero-waste
that are designed to use every last scrap of cloth.

Fragmented Textiles was recently on display at the Beyond Green, Good Design symposium gallery at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. Curated by Ingrid Horsselenberg and Annouk Post of I&A, the exhibit was furtherevidence that the Dutch are definitely the ones to watch when it comes to combining fashion-forward design and playful attitudes.

This is taking what recycling designers are doing over at Particle Clothing to a whole new recycled level of how clothing can be reconstructed and refurbished into new outfits.

Images & Information Courtesy of Inhabitat & Ecouterre

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