1980's Swimwear – Neon Glow, V Hip, the Thong and More


vintage swimwear

From leather to lace, bright colored neon to power-suits, the aesthetic experiments of the ’80s gave the fashion world a colorful mine of styles which continue to inspire today’s beachwear.

Swimwear collections for Summer 2014 have obviously drawn inspiration from the 80’s “cult of the body” swim suit designs. Many of today’s designers are re-creating the high-cut, neon and animal-prints bathing suits that made eighties swimwear so popular.

In the 1980’s swimwear took a turn for the… well lets just say that is all up to the eye of the beholder. Neon colors, scoop necks, V-hips all became swimwear trends born in the 80’s.

Speedo style swimsuits that were made of nylon/elastane became the new fabric of choice in the eighties and still remain the number one fabric today for women’s swimwear.

Full piece bathing suits produced by brands like speedo and body glove began to make their popularity in the 80’s that were cut to look like athletic style suits. High rise bikini bottoms and scoop necks with a built-in bra support for movement and speed.

The “thong” bathing suit also made its debut in the eighties when swimwear designers began to take fashion tips from the exotic Brazilian Culture. Drawing from the same inspiration many designers began to use animal prints on their bathing suits giving them a look of their very own.

Below is a collection of images featuring 80’s Beachwear in all of its glory.

Animal Print

Animal Prints Became a Favorite –  Drawing inspiration from exotic Brazilian culture.

vintage swimsuits

High waited swimwear became all the rage in the 1980’s

vintage swimsuits

Popular Pinup girl from the 1980’s

Vintage Poster

Shiny elastic material began to make the scene in the mid 1980’s

Vintage Beach Wear

Techno Style bathing suits became a popular trend in the 80’s

Vintage Swimwear

80’s two piece bathing suits with high waited cuts became popular in the 1980’s

Vintage eighties

Bo Derek taking a stroll in 80’s swimwear

Wholesale Vintage

Popular 1980’s bathing suit cut with ruffles and deep V neck

80's swimsuit

1980’s Work-out Swimwear

80's beachwear

The Workout look became popular in the 1980’s

80's movies

80’s Swimwear in Popular 80’s Movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Vintage Beachwear

80’s Swimwear in Popular 80’s Movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Vintage Wholesale

Southern California embraced the Neon Culture

Vintage Surfwear

Men’s swimwear in 80’s surf culture

eighties style

Bright colors were not just a style, they became a way of life

Vintage Swimwear

Men’s 80’s board shorts, bright and colorful

Vintage Beachwear

Vintage swimwear

Vintage Wholesale


80's Beachwear


Australian Rockers ACDC hitting the beach in the 80’s


Fashion forward 1980’s swimwear cuts

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