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“Our years of retail experience with vintage clothing have led us to a formula that is easily transferable to someone wanting to run their own Vintage Clothing Store.”

This combined with Dust Factory’s unique ability to provide inventory makes it a very profitable business for the right investor.

Our desire is to educate people about sustainable business and lifestyles. Our business
is selling vintage clothing, eco conscience brands and accessories; including jeans, T-shirts, corduroys, boots, dresses, sunglasses, jewelry and related items; much of which can be supplied by our wholesale division. The daily operations are easy by comparison with a minimal number of employees and relaxed business hours.

Broad support can be offered in terms of a detailed operations manual, sales and operations training, proactive idea sharing between stores, and 10 years of retail experience just a phone call away. Our experience includes extensive merchandising and buying knowledge, as well as, expertise in public relations, marketing, sales and vintage clothing.

With retail mark ups being the highest in the clothing industry, opening a vintage clothing store is an excellent business venture. If being your own boss and working in this profitable, fun environment appeals to you,Click Here for more information.

If opening a store is something you always wanted to do, but never knew where to get started click here to view a three volume series How to Open a Vintage Store