Dust Factory is the brainchild of two Eco conscience surfers from Southern California. With the desire of transcending the boundaries or traditional fashion Dust Factory is a recycled driven lifestyle brand free from passing trends. Appearing as natural on the shelves of boutiques as on those of an actual vintage shop. Dust Factory gathers fashion forward relics from the past and reintroduces them into today’s market with a style and appeal only found in Vintage Clothing.

1999 It all Started with Retail

Dust Factory was born out of a simple observation, the need for stylish recycled fashion. While traveling to remote destinations in search for surf, the founders drew inspiration from fashion and culture, bringing back to the states plenty of ideas that would later be used towards how their business should be run. Upon returning home the two young surfers developed a  plan for a sustainable business  and opened their first Recycled Clothing Boutique. While operating their first store, they felt the need to keep an abundant selection of top quality vintage clothing on hand to keep their wide array of customers happy. Unable to manufacture an authentic vintage product a new concept was born.

2000 The Move into Vintage Wholesale

Recycled Vintage Clothing
In 2000, after redeveloping the art of vintage clothing retail, the Dust Factory team turned pages to a new concept of wholesaling vintage clothing. Most store owners were spending all their time “hand picking” in attempt  to stock their stores. This turns store owners into full time buyers and doesn’t allow them time to be with their customers or  manage their store. Dust Factory’s solution was to make it easy, fast and inexpensive for store owners to stock their store.

2005 How We Supply Vintage Clothing in Bulk

Over the past 15 years, Dust Factory developed relationships with vintage suppliers all over America and taught them what the vintage industry is looking for. They sift through millions of pounds of clothing every year to find the best vintage available, sending what is not used to underprivileged countries or to be recycled into rags.

2010 The Move into Vintage Reconstruction:

Dust Factory takes the next step in the process and sifts through thousands of pounds of vintage clothing each month looking for select items that can be used in their vintage packs. Much of what is recycled is deemed un-usable for this market because of the quality standards required for the vintage mixes.  To reduce the impact of damaged apparel being sent out as waste, in 2003 Dust Factory expanded it’s presence into the boutique market by introducing Particle Reconstruction. The Particle line combines vintage materials from the past with the creative style of the present. Each piece is formed from recycled clothing which has been deconstructed and refitted to create a unique and original garment. Every article is cut from a standardized pattern, while simultaneously allowing natural style and wear variation through fabrication, further ensuring that each piece is a one of a kind.

Recycled Clothing Company
To keep the clothing in circulation, what Dust Factory is unable to use in their vintage mixes or reconstruction line is distributed to local charities, disaster relief organizations and missions in underprivileged countries.

Dust Factory Today:

Today, Dust Factory has grown in operations from one man’s vision to an entire team’s realization. With a knowledgeable and dedicated staff behind it, Dust Factory is now a global wholesaler with are product in the far reaches of the world.