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Dust Factory Vintage Collections are Retro but not old fashioned. Modern but not trendy. Style with substance.

At Dust Factory we have been mastering the process of locating, sorting, grading and selling vintage apparel to shops for the past 15 years. We realize that so much of our product compliments contemporary style and that we already have the natural worn look and feel that so many designers have to work at reproducing. Our team of collectors have selected specific groups of 100% vintage clothing to include in our new season. And through style, size and color breakdown, have constructed a familiar and convenient way for boutique buyers to select timeless vintage pieces with unique style and blending abilities.The days of sifting through different attics or thrift stores for product are past us. We have now broke down the process even more with our online virtual catalog. Designed as a fun, informative and easy way to order vintage clothing.

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Vintage Clothing Collection

Vintage Clothing Collection

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