It’s all about the Ruffle!

Ruffled Shirt Ruffles are all the rage in fashion this season from headbands down to your peep toe sandals. Although it is possible to go a little overboard on the ruffles. Only choose one item per outfit to ruffle or dare to look like a poofy cream puff! We have picked out a couple of DIY t-shirt tutorials to girlie up your attire while maintaining your edge.

Reconstructed Vintage Clothing

After years of wholesaling and recycling vintage, Dust Factory embraces the next step in the natural evolution of the vintage clothing market with vintage reconstruction. Along with it’s ability to meet the growing demands for and popularity of authentic vintage pieces, Dust Factory’s fashion team has created a line for both men and women that bridges the gap between old and new and unifies the vintage boutique with the specialty boutique.

Particle Reconstruction
clothing line combines vintage materials from the past with the creative style of the present. Each piece is formed from recycled clothing which has been deconstructed and refitted together to create a unique and original garment. Every article is cut from a standardized pattern, while simultaneously allowing natural style and wear variation through fabrication, further ensuring that each piece is a one of a kind.

The collection, born from the creative minds of artists, designers and vintage enthusiasts alike, captures the artistic and timeless inspiration derived from vintage clothing and utilizes innovative and enthusiastic designs with a high fashion style and green appeal.