Sale on Vintage Sequin Tops, Sweaters, Jackets and Dresses $6lb


Dust Factory Vintage Clothing Wholesale is offering a special on select vintage items for a limited time only.

This month we are having a sale on women’s sequin tops and vintage blouses. Plus all of our sweaters, dresses, and jackets are on sale for $6 per pound.


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vintage jeans wholesale
*LEVI Special- Five Series |Sizes 33-36 | Mens- 90%/ Womens-10% | Grade 1 and 2

Also Available Vintage Delicate Dresses!

wholesale delicate dresses

*Check out our Glitter Delicate Dress Mix !

Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale Fashion is having also having sale on other classic vintage items just in time for summer.

For a limited time only select vintage items are on sale ranging from women’s vintage dresses, Hawaiian shirts, flannel skirts and more.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stock you Vintage Store with great vintage clothing at a price that can not be beat.


  • Summer Dress Mix- $4.50 per pound
  • Hawaiian Shirts- $3 per piece
  • Cardigan Mix- $3 per pound
  • Mohair Sweaters- $3 per pound
  • Silk Blouses- $3 per pound
  • Flannel Shirts- $2.50 per piece
  • Sweatshirt/Hoody Mix- $3.50 per pound

Orders ship within 24 hours, Contact a Rep. Today!