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Screen Stars is a T-shirt label that you find in a number of Authentic Vintage Tees dating back to the 70’s and 80’s. Screen Stars was purchased in the 80’s by BEST, which was later taken over by Fruit of A Loom. The remnants of the Screen Star style can be found today in the Fruit of Loom BEST style tee. Many vintage tees were printed on the 50/50 screen star t-shirt blank with the paper Screen Star tag. The lightweight comfort and feel of the screen start blank is desired by current collectors in the industry world wide.


Super Screen Star Paper Tag “Late 70’s”


Super Screen Star Paper Tag “Late 70’s”


Best Screen Star Tag “Late 80’s”

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6 Responses to “Screen Stars : About the Label”
  1. Diana says:

    Hi, i have a Beatles Tshirt, it is still in it’s cellophane packet. The label says SCREEN STARS but it says that the item was made in Ireland not the USA.
    Does anyone know if this means it was made before the 80’s or after?
    thanks di

  2. admin says:

    Diana, My Guess is that it was made in the 80’s. Can you see if there is a print date on the Tee? Many old Reproduction Prints have a small date on them.


  3. randy says:

    Were Screen Stars from Trenton NJ ?

  4. The stuff is quirky but also sensible. The Bike to Function Pants have reflective-tape accents.

  5. Jimmy J says:

    Screen Stars was always owned by Fruit of the Loom. Best was just another tag facelift.


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