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1980’s Swimwear – Neon Glow, V Hip, the Thong and More

vintage swimwear

From leather to lace, bright colored neon to power-suits, the aesthetic experiments of the ’80s gave the fashion world a colorful mine of styles which continue to inspire today’s beachwear.

Swimwear collections for the past few summer seasons have obviously drawn inspiration from the 80’s “cult of the body” swim suit designs. Many of today’s designers are re-creating the high-cut, neon and animal-prints bathing suits that made eighties swimwear so popular.

In the 1980’s swimwear took a turn for the… well lets just say that is all up to the eye of the beholder. Neon colors, scoop necks, V-hips all became swimwear trends born in the 80’s.

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A Look at Vintage Halloween Costumes

vintage halloween costumes
Halloween is just around the corner. If you are a vintage shop owner this is most likely going to be your busiest month of the year. If it is not, then you are missing out. Don’t get in the mind-set that your unique collection is fashion forward. It might be to select few designers and hipsters, but to the rest of the population your store sales old clothes, like costumes.

With a few simple adjustments to your in-store marketing, or how you present your product, you just might be able to sell through all those old polyester pants and heavy poly-fabric dresses.  In an attempt to leave you with a little inspiration, take a look at the different vintage Halloween costumes from the past.

vintage halloween

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Order Denim Jackets, Flannels & Vintage T-shirts for Your Store!

denim jackets wholesale

This season denim jackets and flannels are must have item to increase your revenue. We have been supplying vintage stores around the world with a great selection of Lee, Levi & Wrangler style denim jackets, both light weight and heavy weight flannels and a variety of different vintage t-shirts from destination to Harley Davidson Styles.



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  • Destination Vintage T-shirts $7
  • Levi Denim Shorts $12
  • Harley Davidson T-shirts $9
  • Denim Jackets $15



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Camo Jacket Trend for Fall

vintage camo jackets

American Vintage Clothing Collection Specials

Dust Factory is featuring a Camo jackets along with other vintage staples featuring everything you need for your fall collection. Right now, we’re seeing a few different variations of camo jackets hitting shelves—classic oversize field jackets, but also camo bombers, and styles that clearly customized and are covered in embroidery, patches, and pins.

Also Available For a Limited Time Only:
  • Flannels $8
  • Vintage T-shirts $6
  • Levi Denim Shorts $12
  • Scout Shirts $8
  • Camo jackets $13
  • Leather Motorcycle Jackets $25
  • Denim Jackets $15


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Vintage clothing pairing Ideas

spring-pairing5 wholesale denim shorts  spring-pairing

It is smart to work with the basics, because this is what you are most likely to have available to source, or already have on your shelves. It doesn’t matter if it is mid-thigh, button-fly, or 517 jean, the denim cutt-off short is still a staple for this spring. Pair this with a vintage t-shirt, scout shirt combo, or throw in a flannel and military shirt as a suggestive outwear ensemble. For more style ideas check out


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