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Spring Wholesale Vintage Clothing Sale

Women's Vintage Dresses

Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale Fashion is having a sale on classic vintage items just in time for spring.

For a limited time only select vintage items are on sale ranging from women’s vintage dresses, Hawaiian shirts, flannel skirts and more.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stock you Vintage Store with great vintage clothing at a price that can not be beat.


  • Dress Mix- $4.50 per pound
  • Hawaiian Shirts- $3 per piece
  • Cardigan Mix- $3 per pound
  • Mohair Sweaters- $3 per pound
  • Silk Blouses- $3 per pound
  • Flannel Shirts- $2.50 per piece
  • Sweatshirt/Hoody Mix- $3.50 per pound

Orders ship within 24 hours, Contact a Rep. Today!


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Black Leather Jackets, Motorcycles and Rock & Roll

leather jackets history

Black leather jackets have left their distinct mark in American culture becasue of what they have come to represent. They have become a form of recognition into a lifestyle that generally opposes the common rule and thread. Like specific colors in a wardrobe would reveal gang members and their loyalty in the streets of LA during the 1980′s, black leather jackets are worn to symbolize a decision into a subculture that sets it own rules.

History of the black leather jacket

The quintessential leather jacket was born out of functionality when they were created for aviators in the First World War. The first leather flight jackets were more bulky than they are today, often featuring shearling-lined collars and lapels to protect pilots from the elements. As time passed the leather jacket has become as essential in fashion as the t-shirt, abandoning its more practical uses in favor of a sartorial importance fueled by pop culture and the evolution of trends.

Above image from Schot NYC 100 Years of An American original  : myfreedamn

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Did you know that most Vintage Stores that cater towards Halloween quadrupedal their numbers during the month of October? Dust Factory is having a sale on vintage items that are perfect for Halloween Costumes. All orders received by Thursday, October 17th will ship out  within 24 hrs, leaving you just enough  time to take advantage of holiday sales.

70′s & 80′s Costume Mix $5 a LB!

The Dust Factory  Halloween Mix consists of the following Items:

  • Disco Dresses
  • Disco Tops
  • Disco Pant’s
  • Hippie Clothes
  • Neon 80′s Apparel
  • & Much More

If you plan on going out at the end of this month you should start thinking about, or already have a costume in mind. If you do not have anything in mind, take a look below at a few different ideas that you can play with.

If you are trying to come up with a fresh costume idea but you do not want to have to spend a bunch of money, work with what you already have in your wardrobe. If you have a sewing machine and know to use it, think about designing a costume for yourself out of some of your old clothes.

If you are going to do a specific person, like President Obama or Jack Johnson you might be surprised at what you already have that will work for your costume. If you need some extra pieces like a particular color blazer, or pair of pants, hit up your local vintage or thrift store and see what they have.

Try to avoid the plastic or synthetic costumes that are hazard to your body and the planet. Be sure to pick a character that you will have fun representing at work or the party and be sure that you
Don’t get caught without a costume!

Great Classic Ideas: Specific ideas:
Security Guard
70′s guy
60′s girl
50′s Greaser
Michele Obama
Daisy Duke
Big Gay AL
Lieutenant Dangle (Reno 911)
Carmen Miranda
Harry Potter
Caveman (From Geico Commercial)
James Bond
Luke Duke
Super Hero
Street Fighter Chun-Li
Jack Sparrow
High School Musical Actors (Any of them)
Hannah Montana
Dwight (the Office)

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